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Welcome to the World of TERATHANE®

Innovative Polyurethane Intermediates
TERATHANE® PTMEG is a premium polyether glycol and is used as a soft-segment building block in high performance polyurethanes, polyesters, and other polymers. It is available in a wide range of molecular weights (from 250 up to 2900) and provides outstanding dynamic properties, low temperature flexibility, and hydrolytic stability.

Typical enduses for TERATHANE® PTMEG include spandex fibers (e.g. Lycra®), solid elastomers (skate wheels, belts, and rollers), as well as flexible adhesives and coatings.

The TERATHANE® Application Development Team is dedicated to identifying new areas where the performance benefits of Terathane® PTMEG meet the unmet requiremnents of new applications. Challenge us with your application idea and if we think we can meet your requirements we’ll use our worldwide research and marketing resources to support your activities.
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  TERATHANE® 250 Commercially available in consistent quality

TERATHANE® 250 is an interesting new low molecular weight version of PTMEG which can be substituted for more traditional glycols to impart flexibility to materials such as polyesters, polycar-
bonates, and to name a few
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