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What is it ?

TERATHANE® (Polytetramethyleneetherglycol, PTMEG, PTMO)
TERATHANE® Polytetramethylene ether glycol or PTMEG (also referred to as PTMO or, PTMG) is a family of linear diols in which the hydroxyl groups are separated by repeating tetramethylene ether groups.

For example, in TERATHANE® 1000 n averages 14 or in TERATHANE® 2000, n averages about 27.
TERATHANE® is available in a variety of molecular weights. Below 650 molecular weight they are liquids at room temperature while above 1000 molecular weight they are low melting waxy white solids. They react with either isocyanates or organic acids to form a variety of elastomers, such as polyurethanes, copolyesters and polyamides. Chiefly in polyurethanes Terathane® functions as the premium soft segment in highly demanding applications.

Typical end-uses include:
    Castable polyurethanes: caster wheels, industrial tires, skate wheels, rolls and roll covers, mining screens, and industrial belts
    Thermoplastic polyurethanes: ski boots, transparent films for laminating, cable jacketing, hot-melt coatings, hoses and medical tubing
    Polyurethane coatings: protective coatings, fabric and leather coatings, artificial leather, tank and pipe liners
    Polyurethane adhesives & sealants
Key Benefits and Features:

TERATHANE® provides:     Which means...
  • Hydrolysis resistance
  •     Elastomers made with TERATHANE® PTMEG retain their properties longer in conditions of extreme moisture, such as those found in architectural and marine coatings, pipe linings, etc.
  • Low-temperature properties
  •     Products made from TERATHANE® PTMEG retain their elasticity at extremely low temperatures. Ideal applications include articles required to to operate at low temperatures (drive belts, skiboots, snowmobile components, synthetic leathers, etc.)
  • Dynamic properties
       and resilience
  •     Components containing TERATHANE® PTMEG exhibit excellent dynamic properties including low rolling resistance and heat build-up. Castors, tires and wheels run faster, cooler, and last longer.
  • Abrasion
  •     Polymers made with TERATHANE® PTMEG show outstanding resistance to impingement abrasion in applications such as industrial coatings, slurry pipe-lines and hydrocyclones.
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